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Automate Legally Compliant Text and Document Creation with Bettertext

In many industries, legal compliance plays a crucial role, for example, when creating reports or in customer communication and customer service. Ensuring compliance often involves significant effort, especially when dealing with a high volume of documents or customer interactions. Our CRM tool Bettertext helps you create legally compliant texts and documents faster. How this works in practice is shown in our 🡇video tutorials below.

When customer service representatives manually formulate responses to customer issues, it takes a lot of time. But that is not the only problem: In many situations, there is also the risk that legal requirements or internal company guidelines are unknowingly ignored. This can lead to claims for compensation in the logistics sector, which not only involve a lot of administrative effort but also result in costs that can quickly accumulate. In the laboratory or pharmaceutical sector, strict formal and legal standards apply to documents and legally compliant texts. Ensuring these consistently involves a lot of manual effort.

A simple way to save time and avoid inconveniences when creating legally compliant documents is to use predefined, legally compliant text modules that can be used automatically, for example, in customer communication or when creating laboratory reports. What initially sounds abstract is practically implemented with Bettertext: Legally compliant formulations can be defined for any type of text created in companies, in consultation with legal and specialist departments and other relevant instances, which are then used bindingly and automatically in the relevant areas.

Ensuring legal compliance with a user-friendly text tool

The number of customer interactions is continuously increasing in both B2C and B2B areas. Organizations face the challenge of ensuring consistent and legally compliant communication quality despite the high volume. It is clear that technological aids are essential. Bettertext is an easy-to-use tool specifically developed for fast and legally compliant customer communication in CRM systems. The goal: effective, solution-oriented, and legally compliant customer communication for all involved.

Bettertext helps companies replace mass standard responses and vague formulations with quick, legally compliant, and precise communication. An ongoing customer project by COViS shows that with a volume of 10,000 send-outs (e.g., letters and emails) per day, a massive time saving of over 40 percent is possible while significantly improving communication quality and thus customer satisfaction.

Practical example: How to create legally compliant texts easily with Bettertext

See here, based on a sample customer service issue, how easy it is to create legally compliant messages with Bettertext in line with your company's guidelines.

Step 1: Define a template

Bettertext_App-VorlageIn the Bettertext admin tool, you can easily set the layout and desired content for your document templates. The design is as customizable as the template fields, where desired information from your CRM is displayed – such as name, salutation, case numbers, and the position of text blocks.

Step 2: Create text blocks for the content area

Bettertext_App-TextsIn the Bettertext desktop app, you define basic text blocks for your individual use cases. The content of these text blocks can be coordinated with the relevant stakeholders in the company – for example, the legal department.

Step 3: Open Bettertext directly in the CRM system

Bettertext integrates directly into your Salesforce Service Cloud – or any other service CRM system. Simply select the issue a customer or service agent created and click "Bettertext."

Step 4: Choose the communication form and desired response

First, choose the type of response you want to send. In this case, we assume a formal response via a letter. Bettertext, of course, also supports responses via email or the creation of attachments like PDFs.

Under "text blocks," choose the desired type of response. Here we use the answer option "limitation period" in the event that the complaint is no longer covered by the warranty. What options are available depending on the application is entirely up to you and can be customized.

You will only find the text blocks here that you have released for the relevant case in the admin panel. In our example, the text block can be further edited if required. This editing option can also be locked for certain users.

Step 5: Review the document

Check the resulting document you want to send out. Design elements like your company logo and information stored in your CRM, such as name, case number, date, and service agent's name, are automatically added and can be adapted as needed.

Then simply print it out or send it directly from the system via email – done. The sent document is then saved in the customer history and is available to other processors if required.

Unlimited number of legally compliant text templates

The system is scalable and modifiable for companies of all sizes and requirements: A large COViS client in the logistics sector uses over 2,500 legally compliant text blocks for its customer communication, which Bettertext automatically sorts and provides to customer service representatives depending on the situation. They then only need to select the appropriate formulations with a click. This not only saves them from independently formulating and typing a response but also ensures legal security.

Bettertext can be integrated with any type of enterprise software – for example, with CRM, ERP, or Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to obtain the necessary data for automated, legally compliant text creation from these systems. In the future, this process will become even more efficient with AI support, as an algorithm will recognize the present situation and relieve employees from having to search for suitable text modules themselves. Bettertext can be implemented according to individual customer specifications in combination with existing AI systems.

Individually adaptable to any corporate and industry context

To optimally fit into the respective context, Bettertext can be adapted to any corporate process across industries and expanded with custom features via COViS individual development. For example, Bettertext can create offers in sales by connecting with product data and profitability requirements so that they exactly meet corporate guidelines and approvals can be issued much faster – to the benefit of customers and the company.

Another use case is legally compliant texts for online shops. These can be developed with legal support in advance and then integrated into Bettertext. This simplifies legally compliant customer communication and consistent referencing of legally required texts that must be included on the website, such as the imprint, privacy policy, general terms and conditions (AGB), and withdrawal policy.

In addition to mere text creation, Bettertext also offers the ability to automatically integrate text components into design templates – similar to the mail merge feature in Word but significantly more versatile thanks to AI-supported features and legally compliant text templates. The resulting added value unfolds in numerous application areas: for example, in the preparation of exposés in the real estate sector. Bettertext retrieves the relevant data from the corresponding system and creates legally compliant documents with sophisticated design in no time.

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