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How Bettertext Transforms Customer Communication

Never before has excellent customer service been as crucial for businesses as it is today. However, it typically involves significant personnel and time investments. Automation tools like Bettertext assist in significantly improving customer communication through emails, PDFs, and even letters, all seamlessly integrated into existing Salesforce ecosystems. This not only saves time and money but also ensures both satisfied customers and service teams.

Creating Efficient and Personalized Emails and More with Bettertext through Salesforce

In our digitized world, markets are changing faster than ever before. The ability to adapt to these changes increasingly determines the success or failure of businesses. A prime example of this is in the area of customer service: E-commerce giants like Amazon continuously raise the bar, shaping consumer expectations, while, on the other hand, the customer experience becomes a decisive selling point for providers. As a result, companies are under immense pressure when it comes to service and customer communication.

One critical factor for delivering excellent customer service is effective customer correspondence. However, achieving this can be time-consuming and resource-intensive when service personnel in Salesforce have to create or draft documents and emails for customers from scratch, all while ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and other legal requirements. With the ever-increasing demands in these areas, businesses are facing a high level of pressure for optimization. They must meet customer expectations as effectively as possible while also avoiding unnecessary costs stemming from inefficient service processes.

40 Faster Customer Correspondence with Bettertext

Our experiences from recent enterprise-level projects demonstrate that companies can accelerate their customer communication in Salesforce by up to 40 percent through Bettertext, compared to other software-supported communication processes. The reason for this is that service personnel no longer waste time crafting customer emails in Salesforce in many situations, and they don't have to worry about legally compliant emails and documents. For a company with 200 employees in the service department, this translates to potential savings of 840,000 euros or 46,666 working hours per year. Time that employees can now allocate to enhancing, expediting, and personalizing customer correspondence and other non-automatable tasks.

Bettertext is infinitely scalable to meet all enterprise requirements. The solution supports enterprise-level customer service with over 3,000 users, 10,000 daily sendouts, 200 different templates, and 3,000 text blocks – all combined in one app that seamlessly integrates into existing Salesforce ecosystems.

New Challenges in Customer Service Require Efficiency Improvement

Many companies hesitate when it comes to integrating new software solutions into their CRM systems, often due to concerns about technical complications during implementation or potential resistance from their workforce. As a certified Salesforce partner, COViS is well-acquainted with these challenges. They are taken into account from the inception of new products like Bettertext, which assists companies in meeting the rising demands in the service sector:

  • High Customer Expectations: Customers today expect fast, personalized service across all channels. Meeting these expectations is one of the critical challenges for service departments.

  • Pressure for Optimization: Customer service centers face significant pressure to optimize operational efficiency and reduce costs, all while maintaining customer experience and employee satisfaction.

  • Complex and Time-consuming Processes: Handling customer inquiries often extends over several days, leading to frustration for both customers and service employees, who may face criticism.

  • Compliance and Legal Requirements: Customer service centers are subject to numerous compliance and data privacy regulations, which can lead to lengthy and complex service processes.

  • Outdated Technologies: Many companies rely on outdated processes and technologies in their customer service operations. This hinders information flow within the customer service center, results in inefficient workflows, and ultimately leads to subpar service levels.

Legally Compliant Salesforce Emails and Documents – On-Premises or in the Cloud

Today, customer service centers must adhere to numerous data protection laws (e.g., GDPR) and other legal frameworks, especially when it comes to customer service via platforms like WhatsApp. Bettertext ensures legally compliant documents and emails: Templates and text blocks are customized to meet the specific legal requirements of various industries and processes. The texts used are subject to both professional and legal scrutiny and approval. The necessary security level is ensured through hosting on certified, security-checked servers in Germany. Data is exclusively stored on the customer's systems. This is evident in the example of integration with Salesforce: Data is kept exclusively within Salesforce, document generation takes place in Bettertext, and the finished texts are stored back in Salesforce. No data is retained in Bettertext.

Improving Customer Communication for Salesforce Emails and More: Fast, Intuitive, Universal

Bettertext contributes to process optimization in customer service on multiple levels, with a primary focus on efficiency through time savings. Accelerated document generation using Salesforce data (email, PDF) ensures fast and straightforward customer communication while offering versatile applications, from the contact center and sales to quotation generation and complaint processing. The predefined text passages in Bettertext can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of workflows, bringing significant time savings.

Bettertext's intuitive interface features a user-friendly design for both users and administrators. Employees can quickly learn to use it through a short onboarding process, minimizing the learning curve. Additionally, a WYSIWYG preview and error analysis tool maximize user-friendliness.

Cost Savings Across Various Applications with Bettertext

Bettertext's features not only enhance efficiency in customer service but also in other areas of the business where significant effort is put into text creation. For instance, in the creation of quotes, invoices, or procurement documents. Bettertext's flexibility, along with the ability to integrate custom developments, makes it individually configurable to meet the specific needs of any company, offering limitless possibilities for application.

Salesforce Integration with COViS as a Certified Partner

As a leading provider in the field of Enterprise Customer Service CRM, COViS has been collaborating with companies of all sizes for 15 years to find solutions to the challenges of digital transformation. In close partnership with its clients, COViS develops technological innovations that provide organizations with increased flexibility and adaptability in evolving market environments.

Whether a company is already using Salesforce or planning its implementation, COViS experts provide guidance and assistance at every phase of implementation and optimization of existing systems. As a certified Salesforce partner, COViS offers a 360° customer view through its COViS Integration Manager, establishing the foundation for successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The flexible interface allows easy and secure integration of COViS solutions like Bettertext into Salesforce as well as any other environment.

Bettertext: Enhancing Customer Communication Efficiency in Salesforce for Emails and Documents

For many years, COViS has been supporting companies on their digital transformation journey toward a successful future. Their software solutions are developed with a clear focus on the current and future challenges faced by customers in various industries, all with the common goal of cost savings through efficiency improvement. Automation tools like Bettertext play a central role in achieving this goal.

Bettertext is an MS-Word-based desktop app for content and layout configuration that can be easily integrated into Salesforce and all existing word processing systems with minimal effort. Data management, configuration, and user management are handled directly within the CRM. Through automated email and PDF rendering, Bettertext significantly relieves service employees, resulting in satisfied customers and substantial cost savings.

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