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Improving Customer Experience through Personalized Communication

Today, having a good product alone is no longer sufficient to stand out from the competition in fiercely competitive markets. Instead, customer experience (CX) is becoming the decisive factor in leaving a lasting impression. Personalized customer communication is essential in achieving this. In this blog post, learn how to take your communication in Salesforce to the next level with Bettertext.

Personalized Customer Experience as a Competitive Advantage

In the past, it was common in marketing to shower as many people as possible with advertising emails in the hope of random hits. Those days are long gone. Today, brands must be able to not only understand the needs of their (potential) customers but also anticipate them and offer personalized customer experiences based on this understanding. All of this can be summed up under the term personalized customer communication, which in turn leads to personalized customer experience (CX). This is increasingly seen as the pinnacle of success for marketing-oriented companies.

It's about much more than just addressing customers by name. What really matters are personalized messages that are data-driven and tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each customer. The larger the customer base, the greater the challenge. Therefore, once a certain company size is reached, complex CRM platforms like Salesforce are used to link huge amounts of customer data sensibly to create a holistic customer experience.

Automation Improves Service Quality and Customer Experience

Improvements and efficiency gains in customer service are largely achieved through the use of tools to automate workflows and tasks. The main goal is to minimize human effort for certain processes, thereby saving time and money, and ensuring a better and more personalized customer experience. Specifically, this involves automating repetitive tasks, providing automated customer service for standard issues, or quickly responding to customer inquiries using text automation tools like Bettertext.

Numerous studies suggest that companies can reduce their service costs by double-digit percentages through automated customer communication, while customer satisfaction and revenue improve proportionally. The specific benefits of automated customer communication include:

  • Increased Customer Loyalty through Personalization:

When customers feel that a company understands and considers their preferences, the likelihood that they will remain loyal and long-term customers increases.

  • Increased Engagement and Better Response Rates:

Personalized communication leads to better engagement and response rates, as customers are more likely to respond to personalized messages. For example, personalized introductory emails to new users of a digital product increase the likelihood that users will engage with the product and become long-term customers.

  • More Revenue and Profitability:

A personalized customer experience leads to more revenue and profitability, as it facilitates customer acquisition and promotes customer loyalty, cross-selling, and upselling opportunities. When companies send personalized promotions and offers to customers based on their past purchases and preferences, the likelihood of repeat purchases with higher order volumes increases.

Personalized Communication and Excellent Customer Experience through Automated Text Generation

Through years of collaboration with companies from various industries, we are familiar with the challenges arising from the growing trend towards service-oriented business models. Traditional processes and approaches are often no longer sufficient to cope with the high volume of customer inquiries or to implement contemporary channel-spanning sales strategies.

Manual writing processes lead to service and sales teams losing time, which not only significantly slows down all processes but also affects customer satisfaction. This is where we started with the development of Bettertext. The overarching goal: More efficiency in all areas of the company where significant effort is put into text creation. Whether in the customer service center, sales department, or complaint processing.

Bettertext offers innovative features for workflow automation, seamless integration into Salesforce and other CRM systems, and comprehensive security concepts. Bettertext helps companies to meet current and future challenges in document creation, optimize workflows, and provide contemporary customer service—taking into account all data protection and compliance guidelines.

Fast and Personalized Customer Communication with Bettertext

Bettertext combines power and functionality for fast and legally compliant customer communication in CRM systems. The focus is on significantly increasing efficiency in all areas where significant time is spent on text creation. A recent customer project by COViS demonstrates that Bettertext accomplishes this task brilliantly: Compared to using standard software, a time saving of more than 40 percent was achieved in text creation. And this with 3,000 active users, over 10,000 daily sendouts, and 2,000 different text passages used in the project.

The numbers clearly show: Bettertext takes customer communication in the Salesforce ecosystem to a new level. Calculate your individual savings potential when using Bettertext with our advantage calculator. In addition to significantly accelerated customer communication, Bettertext also ensures that your customer communication is legally compliant and GDPR-compliant at all times. Due to its intuitive usability, the tool requires minimal training effort and is therefore ready for use in no time.

COViS as a Competent Partner

COViS is your integration partner for tailored CRM solutions. Through our many years of collaboration with successful companies and corporations, we are well acquainted with the challenges involved in implementing excellent customer experiences. Together with our customers, we develop solutions tailored to the specific challenges of each company.

As a certified Salesforce partner, COViS has been helping its customers to make the most of the powerful CRM platform for many years. Bettertext is optimized for use in the Salesforce ecosystem and can be easily and securely integrated via API interface. Users thus lay the foundation for excellence in service and sales and for automated customer communication at the highest technical level.

Conclusion: Taking Personalized Communication Seriously as a Business Critical Success Factor

The trend toward the service economy is advancing inexorably. For companies, the topic of service therefore becomes increasingly important as a success factor. Effective customer communication is crucial for excellent service and outstanding customer experience. Bettertext has been proven to significantly improve customer communication. This not only leads to increased customer satisfaction but also to more productivity, lower costs, and legal security.

Familiarize yourself with the benefits of Bettertext on our product page and feel free to contact us directly with any questions. Our experts are available at any time to discuss the possibilities that Bettertext offers for your customer communication, without obligation.

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