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The Future of Document Creation with Bettertext

Under increasing competitive pressure, more and more companies are searching for new ways to enhance efficiency in their service and sales operations. Modern tools can automate many processes and significantly streamline document creation, resulting in improved operational efficiency, increased customer and employee satisfaction. In this blog post, we will explore the key future trends in document creation.

In both customer service and sales, a significant amount of time is spent on creating text. Whether it's responding to customer inquiries or drafting proposals, many companies are looking for ways to streamline these time-consuming writing processes in the course of their digital transformation efforts. Additionally, data privacy and security have become increasingly important considerations in document creation.

Numerous automation tools are now available to help companies maintain control over their document and information management in increasingly complex market environments, optimizing their workflows. Several studies have shown that the use of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) tools can reduce both time and labor costs in service and sales by 30 to 50 percent, ultimately reducing overall costs.

Automated document creation is, therefore, a top priority for companies when it comes to digitization, especially considering the rapid growth of the service economy. The following trends explain why IDP is becoming increasingly essential for businesses and what to consider when choosing the right tools for service and sales.

Trend 1: Improved Service through Faster Customer Communication

The bar for excellent and proactive customer service has never been higher: The number of communication channels and customer inquiries continues to rise, with customers expecting individualized support around the clock. Many companies struggle to keep up with these developments.

Long customer service response times frustrate both customers and service representatives. This is especially challenging in an era where customer experience often determines whether customers remain loyal or switch to competitors.

For growing companies, it's practically impossible to manually handle the high volume of service inquiries and maintain the necessary speed in document creation for service and sales. Given new technological developments, automated document creation is the clear answer to this challenge.

Trend 2: Automating Workflows and Reducing Error Rates

The speed of document processing directly impacts a company's productivity and, consequently, its bottom line. IDP tools like Bettertext offer numerous workflow automation features that streamline and optimize document creation processes. This leads to significant efficiency gains and reduces errors, which are often unavoidable in manual document creation and processing.

One of the most effective ways to avoid errors in document processing is by using templates. Standardized document formats save time and ensure fast and legally compliant processes in service and sales. Predefined, flexible templates reduce formatting errors and other critical aspects of document creation and can be customized to meet the specific needs of any organization using solutions like Bettertext.

Trend 3: Integrating Document Creation into CRM Systems

For obvious reasons, most companies prefer modular solutions that can be integrated into existing CRM platforms such as Salesforce. Implementing document creation tools within CRM systems provides a unified view of customer-related documents, resulting not only in shorter processing times but also in a lower error rate. Sales and service representatives can access customer-related documents directly from the CRM platform, significantly improving response times and service quality.

Almost all software providers have shifted to adding new document creation features via APIs to existing software platforms. Integration via a document creation API takes only a few days and is much more cost-effective than developing a standalone solution.

Trend 4: Data Privacy and Security in Document Creation

Working from home has become commonplace for many companies. While this offers various advantages, it also comes with increased security risks. Companies must balance team members' need for access to data with maintaining the required level of data privacy and compliance.

In this context, user roles are a key element in the secure use of IDP solutions. They determine who can access created documents and what editing rights are granted. User roles grant administrator rights, allow selected users to view and edit documents, or deny access.

The growing number of data protection regulations and cybersecurity risks are creating additional challenges in service and sales. At COViS, the focus of developing automation solutions for document creation is increasingly on robust data protection and security features. IDP solutions like Bettertext automatically ensure legally compliant documents and emails. Templates and text modules can be customized to meet the legal requirements of specific industries and processes. This ensures that employees are legally compliant with their texts and saves them time on manual verification processes.

Trend 5: Artificial Intelligence in Document Creation

Rapid technological advancements, especially in AI and Machine Learning (ML), continually lead to new innovations in document creation. AI algorithms are becoming more sophisticated, enabling a better understanding of documents, context-based searches, and predictive analysis. Artificial intelligence in document creation opens up numerous exciting prospects for service and sales.

The future of document creation is marked by rapid advancements in automation, integration with new technologies, and an increased focus on data privacy and security. These trends will change how companies manage documents, boosting their efficiency and helping them compete successfully in competitive markets.

Keep an Eye on Future Trends in Document Creation for 2024

Companies across industries face significant pressure to automate and not fall behind the competition, particularly in the areas of service and sales. Tools like Bettertext can significantly enhance efficiency in document creation for organizations. The benefits are clear: increased productivity, reduced costs, legal compliance, and, most importantly, satisfied and loyal customers.

At COViS, we understand the challenges that companies face in document creation for service and sales. Our solution, Bettertext, offers innovative workflow automation features, integration capabilities with Salesforce and other CRM systems, and a comprehensive security concept. Bettertext helps companies tackle current and future document creation challenges, optimize workflows, and provide contemporary customer service while maintaining the highest levels of data privacy and compliance.

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