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Efficient Interface Management

With the COViS Integration Manager you get a holistic customer view and increase efficiency.

The interface challenge

Increasingly complex data landscapes present companies with new challenges: The number of systems to be integrated is growing and data transfer often still takes place manually. This robs capacities and hinders an efficient workflow in business operations. But with reliable interface management and the right tools, this problem can be solved effectively.

## What is an interface? Definition and advantages

Programming interfaces (APIs) are components of programmes that can be used to connect other software systems. In this way, they secure access to company data and make it available across different applications. This automated data exchange enables a permanent system connection and quick access to data from different sources.

Mastering the challenges of complex IT landscapes

Digitalisation means that companies have to deal with ever larger amounts of data. For this to work, they are dependent on functioning interfaces that enable smooth transfer from one system to another. Although APIs automate the exchange of data, they are often not flexible enough to use - and so a multitude of parallel interfaces quickly emerges. This further complicates the customer view, as the required data from different systems must first be compiled. So how can companies streamline this process? The solution: a clear interface management that is firmly integrated into the IT structure.

Manage interfaces efficiently: This is how it works

The term interface management unites several points at once, namely the publication, development and monitoring of interfaces. The goal here is to ensure that the interfaces used meet all the requirements set by the company and are permanently efficient. The management of interfaces represents an essential key to permanent security, scaling, analysis, control and monetisation. Basically, interface management is differentiated between three areas:

1. Security

Protection against unauthorised access and cyber threats is a central element of interface management because interfaces, as bridges between different systems, can quickly become weak points if they are not sufficiently protected. However, with the right security policies, data transmitted via interfaces can be sustainably protected.

2. Control

A consistent user experience is required for the uniform control or governance of interfaces. All interfaces should also be designed on the basis of a common data model. This includes the discoverability, life cycle, reusability and documentation of interfaces. This creates universally applicable guidelines and rules for the implementation and use of interfaces. Example: In companies, the use of mobile devices is becoming more and more important; interfaces should therefore also be designed for the mobile use of devices.

3. Analysis

Interface management also includes the constant, continuous analysis of the interfaces used. With the help of various measurement data, malfunctions can be detected and safety risks identified more quickly. In addition, the performance of the data transmission is monitored, improved and increased.

The right tools for sustainable interface management

Active management of the integrated interfaces reduces costs and time for companies and makes work processes more effective - employees can access the data and information they need more quickly. Robust interfaces also increase data security, because there is less data loss during transmission. Intelligent interfaces, such as the COViS Integration Manager, offer flexibility for connecting different solutions directly via the Salesforce environment. The implemented Integration Connector can communicate with many different systems and middleware solutions, creating an adaptable and secure data exchange. The COViS Integration Manager package also includes parameterisation of the mapping and monitoring components to create a good basis for successful interface management.

With the Integration Manager to the 360°degree customer view

Interfaces facilitate daily workflows and increase efficiency because data is fully available and ensures a holistic customer view. To ensure uniformity, consistency and protection of interfaces, active interface management is essential. Companies should therefore strive to incorporate interfaces that enable flexible connection of systems and thus also provide an overview of customer behaviour and the customer journey. The COViS Integration Manager is a reliable solution for this and can be conveniently connected to many different solutions via Salesforce.

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