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Optimise customer service with Salesforce chatbots

Today, companies are more dependent than ever on customer satisfaction: the better customers feel understood and advised, the more likely they are to use further products and services and recommend the company to others. In order to be available around the clock and to answer enquiries directly, companies are increasingly relying on modern technologies such as chatbots. But how exactly do digital assistance systems contribute to optimising customer service?

Chatbots: The all-rounder in service and data collection

Chatbots are generally used to answer recurring questions quickly and reliably. Especially in customer support, many enquiries can be processed simultaneously in this way: users simply enter their question on a specific topic into the chat window and receive a standardised answer within a very short time that helps them solve their problem. This interface between user and company creates a so-called customer touchpoint, which plays an important role in marketing in intensifying customer relations.

Use data potential effectively

Another advantage of chatbots is the creation of a knowledge database, because by asking specific questions about career level, company size or other areas, the bots collect valuable data for evaluating leads. For this purpose, the data is analysed by the system and the resulting potentials are calculated. Candidates with a high potential can thus be forwarded to the sales department without detours, so that further customer touchpoints are created and the people are specifically addressed with suitable offers or assistance.

Advantages of chatbots in marketing: better customer support

Through its automation, a chatbot can offer something that is inherently difficult to implement in normal support, namely the direct response to a query. Users receive an immediate response without having to wait on hold for a long time or having to dial the right area via the telephone keypad. Enquiries via email are also usually more time-consuming, as an acknowledgement of receipt is often sent first before the request is processed further. With a chatbot, such lengthy steps are no longer necessary. In addition, chatbots provide further support:

  1. Relief in everyday work. The technology behind a chatbot already responds when users arrive on the website. With a short greeting by the chatbot, immediate availability is signalled and the possibility to interact with the company is given. The customer's expectations of an accessible customer service are fulfilled and an initial positive experience is created. In this way, the chatbot automates the first (1st) and in some cases also the second (2nd) level in customer service, the employees no longer have to answer standard enquiries manually and can focus on more complex and value-adding tasks.

  2. Taking over recurring tasks. The implementation of chatbots also pays off when it comes to processing recurring transactions, such as ordering from a pizza delivery service or regular follow-up deliveries of contact lenses. The bot simply accesses the existing customer master data and thus facilitates the purchase process. Ideally, payment can also be initiated directly via the chat window, without having to switch between different interfaces. But what happens if the conversation gets bogged down, the customer is dissatisfied or the question is too complex for the chatbot? It's simple: the conversation is then forwarded to the sales department, where one of the employees personally takes care of the matter.

Use chatbots for a proactive approach to customer service

In a proactive approach, solutions are offered even before problems arise. Here, too, the use of chatbots can prove useful: Similar to employees in retail, the bots ask customers or visitors to a website unsolicited whether they need help or are looking for something specific. Through such targeted questions, chatbots gather valuable information and data that employees can use at a later point in a sales conversation. In contrast to pure FAQs, where customers have to take action themselves to get a solution to a problem, chatbots create a more personal atmosphere and do the work for customers. In addition, they promptly resolve the clientele's queries by providing answers and guiding the conversation in a positive and satisfactory direction with specific questions.

Overview of time and resources

Without the use of chatbots, many companies simply do not have the time to process incoming enquiries promptly. The digital assistance system can also be used to quickly and easily make appointments for further consultations, communicate the status of orders and record complaints. All of these functions and possible uses mean that chatbots are establishing themselves as real all-rounders in marketing and customer service.

Chatbots in Salesforce: Easy integration

If companies are planning to expand their Salesforce environment with a vendor-independent chatbot, this is possible without much effort. For this purpose, Salesforce offers a simple creation of user interfaces as well as chatbot processes through the integration of predefined and changeable components. In the simplest case, the chatbot is the front end of an API (programming interface) that is preconfigured for a chatbot-style user interface (agent). The agent is then implemented into the existing system landscape via Salesforce Lightning Rules Engine. If a chatbot is already scheduled with the conversion to Salesforce, companies can adapt the bot to their own corporate identity (CI) in many areas and thus achieve a harmonious look-and-feel. The configuration is easy to understand and implement, even for beginners. Most platforms offer options for this, with which bots can be set up without programming knowledge. After creation, the agent is also connected to Salesforce Lightning and is ready to go.

Simple implementation by experienced service providers

Whether it's a lack of time, resources or technical know-how, anyone facing challenges in the implementation of a chatbot that cannot be overcome alone can rely on the experience of experts. In joint consultation with IT specialists, they discuss what a digital assistance system should do and which steps are necessary for implementation. In this way, companies benefit from reliable service and ensure that all functions work smoothly.


If you want to reach your customers nowadays, you make sure that all possibilities for contacting them are implemented efficiently. This also includes the use of chatbots. For many companies, they are the answer to how standard enquiries can be processed simultaneously and in the shortest possible time. In customer service, they thus relieve the workload of employees and at the same time give customers the opportunity to contact them around the clock. With the general integration of chatbots and its own Einstein chatbot, Salesforce offers a promising way to exploit this potential in a meaningful and long-term way.

If you would like to learn more about chatbots and their implementation in your system, we will be happy to assist you. Simply use our contact form or give us a call.

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