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COViS at "Digital Transformation 2022"

At the "Digital Transformation 2022" congress, COViS impressed with its expertise in customised development and standard software.

On 21 and 22 July 2022, the "Digitale Transformation 2022" started as first official event of the World Class Business Leaders series. This year, the focus was on innovation and technology management, artificial intelligence, IT infrastructure and security. On this occasion, COViS was also on site as an experienced service provider for individual software solutions.

Individual development vs. standard software - always the right solution

COViS is characterised by many years of experience in the field of individualised solutions based on open source modules or the Salesforce platform. Customised and individually adapted software solutions for medium-sized businesses, large companies and corporate groups offer a head start in terms of digitalisation, transparency and process optimisation. As a guest speaker at the "Digital Transformation 2022" congress, Rüdiger Hoppen, Head of Corporate IT at TÜV Rheinland AG, was able to demonstrate the experience he has gained with Dr. Glinz COViS GmbH and how the topic is approached at TÜV Rheinland. The presentation „Individual development vs. Standard software - strategies for success“ offered the audience, after an introduction by Rüdiger Plette and in dialogue with Stiven Raso, both Managing Directors at Dr. Glinz COViS GmbH, important pointers for selecting suitable software for companies.

The advantages of individual software products

A recurring prejudice against individual software development is the associated costs - a decisive criterion for many companies. One thing is certain: The price of such a solution depends on the scope of the software to be developed. With experienced consultants like the IT experts at COViS, the specific requirements are first determined. This helps to determine how much effort would have to be invested in a software and whether there are standard solutions that can be adapted to individual needs. In contrast, however, a customised product offers a clear advantage: after the purchase, there are usually no further costs - whereas with standard solutions, companies face recurring licence costs.

Finding the optimal solution: Standard or customised software?

The experience of the IT company shows: Companies usually opt for the safe and proven way and choose standard solutions for their processes. This way, the decision-makers know what they are getting into and can use the corresponding synergy effects. However, if there are specific wishes and requirements, standard solutions are often associated with a large implementation effort. For this reason, COViS Managing Director Rüdiger Plette encourages companies to take supposed risks and leverage possible competitive advantages. Wherever software delivers a decisive market advantage, the question automatically arises: "How do I want to differentiate myself from the competition? And is that possible with standard solutions?"

How COViS supports decision-making

In order to find the optimal solution for companies, the developers of COViS first create a context model for their customers. This contains all aspects that influence the decision for a software, such as legal standards, existing interfaces or target groups. In this way, companies find out which paths are open to them.

Multitool vs. highly specialised tools

What is better then? A standard software that is considered a multitool, which allows room for individual customization but is not highly specialized? Or a custom solution that offers fewer functions and extensions, but is optimally adapted? For COViS, these questions are also related to a company's goal. Should a software solution keep the company competitive in the market? Or should a new approach give the business a significant competitive advantage?

Remote Audit Solution: Custom software for TÜV Rheinland

For its customer TÜV Rheinland, COViS was able to answer the question of standard or custom software with an optimal middle ground. The customer, who had a long-standing Microsoft relationship, was faced with new challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic: How could global audits be conducted safely when personal contact had to be minimized?

With our Remote Audit Solution, COViS's software developers created the solution: by combining standardized video conferencing tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams with features such as document management or archiving, TÜV Rheinland was able to maintain its operations in the certification industry. And, in addition, set new standards in the industry. Even now, when business travel is possible again, the company benefits from this solution. Because preparations for audits or follow-up discussions continue to be carried out using Remote Audit Solution with the same level of security and quality.

Conclusion: Digital transformation in 2022 showed forward-thinking developments

As demonstrated by the technology partnership between TÜV Rheinland and COViS, a custom software solution can be groundbreaking for companies and protect them from crises. With COViS you have a qualified partner on your side who knows your individual requirements and finds a suitable solution – whether its standard or individual software. Hear further topics about digital transformation by industry experts in the upcoming events of World Class Business Leaders.

If you are interested in the technology partnershop between COViS and TÜV Rheinland and want to know more about our way of work download our free Case Study here.

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