CRM Salesforce Case Study
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Case Study: CRM for Deutsche Post DHL

COViS has developed an individual, high-performance CRM platform as an ASP solution from the cloud for Deutsche Post DHL on the basis of the .NET-based COViS framework.


Deutsche Post transports letters and parcels in Germany, specialises in dialogue marketing, the distribution of press products and overall solutions for corporate communications. In Germany, it maintains a nationwide transport and delivery network, transports letters and parcels across borders, serves domestic markets abroad and provides additional services beyond pure transport. The Mail Business Area comprises the national mail business with its core products Mail Communication, Dialogue Marketing and Press Services, the branch business and the import/export business. This also includes new services such as secure digital communication via E-Postbrief. As a supply IT service provider, Dr. Glinz COVIS GmbH works closely with the Demand IT department of Deutsche Post. Tailor-made software solutions are developed which complement the newly emerging business processes of a constantly changing distribution system. In a kind of modular construction, these are then integrated into the existing system landscape and interwoven via interfaces.


Deutsche Post DHL is the world's leading mail and logistics group. As one of the largest employers, the company employs around 480,000 people in more than 220 countries and territories. The Mail Division employs around 2,200 people and distributes more than 22,000 products. The customer base consists of more than 3 million customers, from business customers to small and micro customers. In order to be able to operate efficiently in sales, this complex sales organisation must be combined in a system solution. In addition, with the help of an overall system, the sales representatives must be given a competitive advantage, which recognises the wishes and demands of its customers. This is the only way to build long-term and successful customer relationships. It is particularly important to link the business processes from the areas of sales and dialogue marketing. Not only should customer data from the post's own complex address clearing system be matched, but information about the customer should also be collected and made available to employees according to the "need-to-know principle". Data must be collected so efficiently that it can be effectively processed and evaluated. In this respect, the system should not only have a collecting function, but also a controlling role.


A customised, web-based customer relationship management system has been used as a recording and information component since day one. Due to its flexible modular design, the system could be adapted and optimised over the years to meet the needs of market-oriented sales. With the integration of a service-oriented interface, a fully automated clearing of customer and contact data is realised in cooperation with the interface partner of Deutsche Post. Further interfaces ensure that the systems specially developed for the individual business areas can communicate with each other. This ensures effective and efficient cooperation between sales and dialogue marketing. In addition to a sophisticated administration area, there are components for lead processing for business customers based on data from Dialogue Marketing's campaign planning, action and project planning as well as sales planning and competitive information for business customers. Further processing finally provides systems for target group selection, response and return recording, lead control, scoring and a sophisticated success reporting. The administration of user authorisations for role-based access to data as well as corresponding mechanisms for checking user authentication round off the customer's desired requirements within the system landscape.

Used technologies

Dr. Glinz COVIS GmbH is a Microsoft Gold Partner. Microsoft products are predominantly used, starting with web and SQL server technologies, WCF services for the creation of interfaces and the use of the Microsoft .NET platform as a foundation in development. All system solutions developed by us are operated in an ISO 27001 certified computer centre. Strict security standards through the use of state-of-the-art encryption and authentication technologies as well as a cascaded structure of our firewall systems guarantee the highest standards of IT security. Cluster systems and load balancers ensure fail-safety and optimal load distribution, which also enable a high scalability of our hardware and software.

  • .NET

  • COVIS® Framework

  • Microsoft Foundation Server

  • WCF-Services

  • SOA

  • former achievements

For more than 20 years, Deutsche Post has relied on the expertise and system solutions developed by COVIS in joint cooperation. The targeted embedding of the applications in a technical release process enables flexible handling for technical or functional extensions of the system to the standard required on the market at any time and thus simplifies optimisation of the customer development process. With the system solutions from COVIS, the sales department of Deutsche Post has been able to successfully hold its own in a highly competitive market for years.

  • ASP solution from the cloud

  • Flexible, easily expandable architecture

  • Professional project management and requirements engineering

  • ISO certified security

  • Strong performance

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