Uwe Eilers

Head of Sales & Marketing

Uwe Eilers

Sales representative Uwe seeks out challenges. His goal: to develop Salesforce and make COViS more visible as a company. He employs various measures to do this, including strong social media and e-mail marketing.

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What exactly do you do at COViS and since when?

I have been responsible for sales for Salesforce Solutions since May 2020. The aim is to significantly broaden the customer base, especially in the Salesforce environment. In doing so, I rely primarily on a targeted approach to interested parties via our website, social media and e-mail marketing. An important component is the cooperation with Salesforce itself, because experience has shown that most projects are won in close cooperation.

Why did you choose COViS?

really liked COViS right from the start. The mixture of the down-to-earth behaviour and willingness to perform coupled with the unconditional willingness to develop and implement future-oriented technology corresponds to my nature and is a nice and exciting challenge for me.

What does a normal working day look like for you?

There are no “normal” working days in sales. That is what makes it so special, there are always new challenges. It is important to structure the day and to work in a concentrated and focused manner on individual points. There are times for emails, times for prep, market research, strategic planning, phone calls, etc. And it all needs to be planned around client appointments.

What kind of projects are you working on right now?

I am currently expanding my network in the Salesforce universe and making COViS known to Salesforce beyond the DHL project. At the same time I'm part of the team for the relaunch of the website. For me, this is an important tool for acquiring new customers. Everyone looks at the website pretty much at the beginning of a customer but also employee relationship. And for the design, I work with changing colleagues to create content, such as presentations, white papers or webinars.

How did your colleagues welcome you?

I have been very well received. All colleagues are open to talk to and share their know-how without reservation. Even the home office is not a hurdle here. I appreciate the friendly and collegial atmosphere and the open way of dealing with each other.

What should an applicant bring to work at COViS?

I think one important requirement is the will to do great work. Otherwise everyone is accepted; introvert, extrovert, whatever. It goes without saying that you should be nice and able to work in a team.

Do you have opportunities for further education?

COViS attaches great importance to further training and certification. Numerous internal and external resources can be accessed for this purpose.

What framework conditions are created so that the employees feel comfortable?

One of the most important framework conditions is certainly the relaxed atmosphere. Although performance is of course expected, unpleasant pressure to perform is avoided. Free drinks, fruit, vegetables and snacks are available in the office. Table football, joint lunches and regular meetings ensure that employees can get to know one another and exchange ideas. Corporate development is communicated transparently. For the home office, the employees get everything they need to be able to work well and efficiently.

What are your visions for your professional future at COViS?

I would like to expand the Salesforce area at COViS and significantly increase the customer base. More customers and thus more projects make the work more varied and therefore more interesting, and we reduce our dependency on a few large customers. In addition, I would like to further professionalize sales and make COViS visible to a larger number of potential customers.

Have your expectations been met?

So far, I am very satisfied.

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