Niclas Büsing

Former Apprentice IT Specialist System Integration

Niclas Büsing

Uncomplicated communication channels, personal responsibility and a familiar working atmosphere are the reasons why Niclas decided to train as an IT specialist for system integration at COViS. Here he tells us what a typical working day is like for him.

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What exactly do you do at COViS and since when?

Since August 2020 I have been working at COViS as an apprentice specializing in IT for system integration. And after finish this program I am now a DevOps engineer in the DevOps team and taking on tasks in this area for various company and customer projects.

Why did you choose COViS?

I chose COViS because I am of the opinion that as an apprentice in a medium-sized company you don't get lost so quickly, the communication channels are also shorter, there is a predominantly family working atmosphere and you get the opportunity to take on responsibility early on to take over. In addition, the customer references on the website point to exciting projects that I can now work on.

Do you have a tip for a smooth application process?

You should find out more about the company. It is best to visit the social media pages in addition to the website. It is also important to get a clear picture of the apprenticeship you are applying for beforehand.

What does a normal working day look like for you?

A normal working day starts at 9:00 a.m. for me. After my start, I go through my upcoming tasks for the day. After that, I attend the daily meetings. Here we exchange ideas in the team and talk about our current to-do's. After that I start with my tasks. This happens partly together as a team, since we support each other most of the time in a call, and partly, of course, alone. Towards the end of the day I enter my times and activities and maintain my report book.

What kind of projects are you working on right now?

I am currently working on a cloud software project for HR consultants and I am mainly responsible for DevOps activities.

How did your colleagues welcome you?

In all areas in which I have been able to work so far, I have always been welcomed in a friendly and open manner. It was always easy for me to integrate into the team and I never felt left behind. Communication between colleagues is always direct and honest. Anyone can raise questions or concerns and be assured that help will be provided.

What should an applicant bring to work at COViS?

As an applicant at COViS, you should be open and communicative, as there is a lot of teamwork involved. In addition, it is also important to always ask questions directly so that ambiguities can be cleared up quickly. You should also always be honest with your colleagues. In particular, it is important that you openly exchange ideas and suggestions for improvement, communicate your own concerns and address mistakes directly, because everyone makes mistakes. Also a healthy degree of initiative and technical interest that goes beyond the topics covered in the working day.

Do you have opportunities for further education?

Everyone at COViS always has the opportunity for personal further training. In my first year of training, I myself took the AZ-900 exam from Microsoft, which deals with the basics of the Microsoft cloud "Azure". Depending on the certificate you are aiming for, the company will also bear the costs for certain courses.

What framework conditions are created so that the employees feel comfortable?

In the office there is the possibility for a second breakfast, depending on what you like there are fruit, vegetables and cornflakes. The kicker table can also be used for a break. Depending on the weather and the course of the working day, the team can then also have a beer after work. It is possible to apply for a public transport ticket through the company, and the job bike offer is also popular.

Do you still have time for leisure activities?

Of course there is time for leisure activities. On the one hand, this is due to the flexible working hours and, on the other hand, to the possibility of working from home.

What would you like to have known before starting your job?

That the path of the apprenticeship program is the right thing for some people.

What are your visions for your professional future at COViS?

I would also like to specialize even more in the direction of MS Cloud along the way.

Have your expectations been met?

So far, my expectations regarding the apprenticeship and the start into the job afterwards at COViS have definitely been met.

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