Kay Schweden

IT Consultant

Kay Schweden

After finishing his studies, Kay would like to assist other dual students as a coach. Here Kay explains how he came to be part of the COViS family and why a close-knit atmosphere is important to him.

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What exactly do you do at COViS and since when?

I have been employed at COViS as a IT consultant since February 2018. My fields of activity are currently in the field of quality assurance.

Why did you choose COViS?

During my training, I was trained by a colleague who switched to COViS shortly afterwards. He was so enthusiastic about the company and offered me directly that he could show my application documents to his new boss. After completing my training, I started my new job as a junior IT consultant at COViS.

Do you have a tip for a smooth application process?

Being open and honest about existing skills and abilities. Think about which subject area you are particularly interested in and where you would like to specialize.

What does a normal working day look like for you?

Normally, I drive to the office in Düsseldorf or working from home- we are totally flexible. Afterwards, a drink of your choice is fetched in the kitchen and everyday work begins. At lunchtime, we usually have a meal with several colleagues. Before the second half of the working day begins, there is often a small game of table football. After about eight hours it's time for the end of the day.

What kind of projects are you working on right now?

I am currently working on a Salesforce project for Deutsche Post DHL. There I take on the role of quality assurance together with a colleague, but I also support the area of deployments.

How did your colleagues welcome you?

My colleagues accepted me well from the start. After a short time I was an integral part of a large project and was accepted by the team and the customer.

What should an applicant bring to work at COViS?

Fun and interest in working in a team and in the field of software development. Motivation for personal training and development.

Do you have opportunities for further education?

Yes of course. Within my first three years I was able to obtain several certifications. In addition, COViS has been financing my part-time bachelor's degree at the FOM Düsseldorf for a year. If there is a little less to do at work, I can also study during working hours. As a next step, I am aiming for various Salesforce certifications.

What framework conditions are created so that the employees feel comfortable?

COViS creates various framework conditions, including the provision of drinks, fruit, vegetables and snacks in the office, the parking lot right in front of the door or the table football in the break room. The possibility of getting a company car or a job bike is also offered. In addition, COViS promotes and finances a wide range of further training opportunities. Mobile working or home office is made possible from the start.

Do you still have time for leisure activities?

With an average 40-hour week, there is of course still time for activities. Since I still complete my studies in my free time, a large part of my time is of course planned for this and I also like going to the university. However, the time for work and study does not mean that I neglect my hobbies such as racing bikes.

What would you like to have known before starting your job?

How family the company is. After a short time I felt very comfortable. In addition, the work done is recognized and appreciated. That promotes motivation.

What are your visions for your professional future at COViS?

My vision is that after completing my own studies, I would like to act as a coach for new dual students. In addition, the idea of completing a master's degree after completing a bachelor's degree is currently gaining ground.

Have your expectations been met?

My expectations have been more than fulfilled. In the past years, I have become an integral part of the team and have been able to continue my education in various areas. I am very happy to be a member of the COViS family.

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