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Understanding operational processes and transfer it into optimal digital design is our mission. As a competent partner in digital transformation, we support our customers by tackling things hands on and solving them simply and user friendly.

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Complex developments with pages and pages of code make solutions confusing and prone to failure. We try to model complex processes with solutions that are as simply structured as possible. We create systems that are a pleasure to use and easy to administer. Software must bring benefits to people and not create additional work. Together we can optimise your workflows and create decisive competitive advantages. Keep reading to learn how.

Understanding requirements
Rapid prototyping and continuous dialogue
Acceptance is the key
Creating sustainable solutions

Understanding requirements

We want and have to understand your motives to advise you in the best possible way. We therefore start every project with an assessment of the current situation, a detailed analysis including a profitability calculation and the determination of your requirements and your objectives.

With us, requirements engineering is not just a buzzword. Once we have understood your requirements and jointly determined a goal, we check where standard software is sufficient and where individual adaptations make sense and are necessary. This enables us to integrate existing systems in a meaningful way and, if necessary, we create cost-efficient and user-friendly IT solutions.

We start in a small team setting the basis for the later project implementation: problem-oriented user stories for a precisely realisable product backlog. Depending on the requirements, the team can be composed of specialists from a wide range of fields: software architects, consultants, developers, designers, interface specialists and numerous other experts are always on hand to provide support.

Rapid prototyping and continuous dialogue

Thanks to the rapid creation of initial prototypes, the first results are visible within a few days. This allows us to show from the outset exactly what the future solution might look like. This continuous dialogue ensures that we recognise very early if we have taken a wrong path and allows us to correct mistakes or aberrations without major time and financial consequences.

Together, we find the best possible solution. By involving the later users and all relevant stakeholders early on, we avoid having to make costly adjustments to an almost finished system or even having the solution met with rejection.
thunder Did you know, with our IT solutions, you win from year one! Reach out to find out how we can help your business thrive.

Acceptance is the key

The implementation of a new software solution can only be successful if it is accepted by all users and seen as a support in their daily work. Nobody wants to enter additional data if the benefits are not clear.

That is why we talk about the expectations of the new software at an early stage, with all those involved in the project. Naturally, different groups also have different requirements.

  • Employees in the office or in the field want simple and ergonomically optimised interfaces as well as support in their daily work.
  • Decision-makers need key figures and evaluations in real time, both aggregated and in the detailed view.
  • For IT managers, easy administration is important and other systems, such as ERP solutions, should be integrated as seamlessly as possible so that all data is available centrally.
  • If customers access the system directly, it must be possible to operate it without explanation or even training.

All requirements must be carefully orchestrated to ensure the broadest possible acceptance and that all users enjoy using the new solution. Through our method of cooperative development, we let the spark of enthusiasm arise in the project team and spread to the entire team.

Creating sustainable solutions

Once the implementation is complete, a permanently stable operation must be ensured. During the project, the future administrators and users are trained so that they can use the system independently as far as possible. If needed, we are happy to take over the operation of the entire system or of individual components and with it the responsibility. COViS offers managed services both at our data centre or on your chosen platform. We ensure smooth operations so that you can concentrate on your core business. In many cases, however, this work can also be completely taken over by the customer. We are then happy to support you in the further development or monitoring of the existing solution.
We are your reliable partner for digital transformation.

Following the “Plan - Build - Run”approach, we support you in all relevant points of the implementation. Our IREB-certified consultants analyse your requirements together with you and your employees. We create user stories, which are then iteratively processed in the further course of the project.

In our hybrid-agile approach, implementation takes place in individual sprints in direct cooperation with your internal project team. In addition, we ensure the technical operation if required, whether in the cloud or in our own data centre, considering all relevant security requirements up to ISO 27001-certified processes.

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As much as we don't get our drive from flattery, it's nice to be appreciated and trusted!

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“For more than 20 years, we have been relying on the expertise and the system developed in cooperation with COViS.”

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“We were very impressed with COViS' individual digital solution platform, which in turn, has allowed us to optimally realize our client's vision”

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“Company-wide accounting guidelines for Deloitte's clients: the knowledge base for better accounting processes.”

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